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Security Alarms London

We offer a range of security alarms to help secure your premises and provide you with the peace of mind you deserve. Call our team today for a free quote.

There’s now a option we can alter your sensors to a Pet-tolerant dual technology digital sensor made to supply powerful security and false alarm resistance in states where pets or other animals might be present (dogs, cats, rats, etc.)

Pet detection joins in one unit two complementary technologies — a pet-immune passive infrared (PIR) detector and an active Microwave detector. As a result of this exceptional integration it candistinguish between the movement of a human body and any other disruption, including creatures weighing up to 36 kg (80lb), better than every other sensor.

The end result is the industry’s best detection accuracy, false alarm resistance and ultimate long term dependability — in an elegant, lasting and simply installed professional apparatus intended for residential, commercial or light industrial uses where pets or other animals might show up.

Pet-tolerant Sensor characteristics

  • Pet-tolerant for creatures up to 36 kg (80 pounds).
  • Double passive infrared and microwave digital technologies for unsurpassed long term dependability.
  • Optimized signal processing of both MW and PIR stations for exceptional detection without false alarms.
  • Exact volume-established pet detection predicated on exceptional 3D patented optic technology (Goal Special Imaging).
  • Sealed optics shields from insects and air currents.
  • Essential swivel mount for ceiling or wall mounting, simplifies setup and control of the discovery pattern.
  • Lasting and refined layout.
  • Acceptable for house, warehouse, commercial and industrial uses

Smoke alarm

Excellent smoke alarm to help safeguard your house or company from fire.

In regards to fire, time is of the essence. Having a smoke detection alarm fitted can give you critical time to evacuate your house, office or residential building.

Smoke is found either by optical detection or ionisation, or can blend of the two.

Integrated options

At A2 Security we’re specialists in fire and security options and will evaluate the requirements your house or company by means of a website survey. Once we’ve carried out an entire website survey we may then design and put in a fire option to fit your requirements.

A remedy could be composed of a mixture of the following: smoke detectors, heat detectors and sprinkler systems.

security alarms london

Security alarms London

Security lights
Joined Floodlights with PIR’s – This alternative is far more complex and carries a little keypad sized control installed in your premises with floodlights and individual PIR sensors outdoor.

Remote Observation

We’ll work with you as well as your installer to ensure we give you an entire answer which fulfills your requirement for complete security and complete trust.

Our service provides a complete selection of advantages 24/7:

  • Powerful Tracking
  • Event Direction and Decrease
  • Proactive Event Prevention
  • Complete Site Direction
  • Bespoke Operational Efficacy
  • Keyholding
  • Mobile Patrols
  • Manned Security

Emergency Light

We can supply a complete selection of self contained or principal battery emergency light system bundles. This consists of supply, install, commission, repairs, replacing and existing systems upgrades.

Additionally, a complete signage service facility is accessible.

“We’re totally conversant with the most recent Health & Safety and Fire Safety Laws and consistently design our systems to satisfy the greatest potential specifictions.”

Electric Contracting

This provides our customers the peace of mind of knowing that we install to the highest industry standards confirmed by NICEIC’s independent reviews of our setups and company direction.

Our Electric Installations were created independently to meet the needs of every customer and we choose from the most recent goods in the marketplace to make sure that your setup will supply the degree of security and functionality you need without costing too much.

Need to find out more? Contact us today for more details as well as our skilled security team may well be more than pleased to help.