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A2 Security is an unaffiliated wiring firm, that specialises in the setup of voice and data, fibre optics, CCTV and access control systems. Call today for more information on the expert services we offer across London.

We’ve got a diverse portfolio of customers within business sectors including Education, Health Care, Financial and Commercial, and have developed a team to provide a complete design and installation service.

With a knowledge base always evolving to match the demands of an ever changing world we make it our business to deliver first rate results to our clients & customers.

More than Simply CCTV Fitters & Installers

In addition to supplying our own CCTV security systems and options, we additionally spend lots of time on CCTV repairs.

Or perhaps you want to renovate your existing system and complement it with new attributes. We can update existing settings and certainly will make an effort to give you the most current security systems to provide you with peace of mind, whether at home or at work.

CCTV Installers London

Having a visible CCTV setup observable around the outside of your building may also discourage others from targeting your property. We’re also capable to complement new equipment purchased with existing systems and may link brand-new security systems to existing broadband connections with little bustle, meaning there will be almost no disruption to the office or house as we work.

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Security Emergency Escape Signage

BS 5499 Part 4 2000, and says you need to identify the main escape route from every area within the premises. When there’s a selection of escape paths, the escape signs should be found to signal the least journey path. When there’s a selection of two escape paths of equivalent space, both ought to be suggested by different chain of signs.

It isn’t essential to supply signals to each potential escape route from every place.

When determining places for signage, the following principles ought to be used:

  • At least one escape route ought to be observable from every room or enclosure. Where this course isn’t noticeable or confusion could happen, the course ought to be suggested by a signal. If there’s just one door from a room, a sign isn’t consistently needed.

For instance, signs with a possibly confusing message (e.g. ‘no thoroughfare’ and ‘fire exit’) shouldn’t be utilized in the same place.

  • These should be placed so anyone passing along a hallway will constantly have the ability to see a hint where a selection must be made.
  • Signs ought to be equally spaced and consistently found so the evacuee can efficiently and quickly call the place of the following signal within the escape path.
  • A area of security ought to be given a signal signifying ‘assembly point’.
  • Signs ought to be placed so they’re not confused by opening doors.

Door entrance systems – Access control

Door Entrance Systems are accustomed to readily let guests into your premises and to keep unwanted visitors out. In addition to all this you may have a system with buttons just or you also may have buttons along with a keypad for coded entrance or a built-in proximity reader for fob or nominal entrance.

Access Control may be really simple or incredibly complex systems. A one door system would generally consist of of an outside keypad, an internal way out button and an internal crisis call stage. This permits the administrator to allow particular individuals into particular portions of a building at particular times and log what time staff are entering and leaving.

Access control setup

It was access predicated on good faith and trust. Unfortunately, that increasingly no longer appears to be true. For bigger organisations not only entries and exits, but within the building itself, dearth of door security can introduce difficulties.

The alternative is the setup of an powerful and easy to use access control system.

Additional attributes could be added, including Picture ID Card Printing, Remote Link, Alarm Monitoring, Visitor Management, Cashless Credit & Debit and Roll/Call & Presence Coverage.

We can advise on a wide selection of products from single door entrance systems to complex multi door computer managed systems.