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Asset Tracking London

Do you need vehicle tracking and strength observation? Have you got the knowledge at your fingertips to drive your company?

Using the most recent GPS technology and state of the art tracking devices, A2 Security provides real time place, rate and direction of travel data, accurate to within 20 metres globally. A2 Security’s latest IP69 rated wireless devices are perfect for covert setup within high value consignments of goods.

Do you have to track high value goods with no complication of wired setups and outside antennas?
Our Portable tracking provides high sensitivity GPS/GPRS tracking that allows surveillance of high value goods, cargos or vehicles anywhere on the planet. High sensitivity GPS, through the utilization of an internal antenna, enables functioning in environments where it was not formerly possible, including places where a direct sky view is not accessible.

Asset tracking London

A number of the Key Advantages of A2 Security Real Time Monitoring brings to you
* Complete, real time control of your vehicle fleet
* Reduce operating costs
* Enrich security
* Know where your staff are
* Save major costs on vehicle idling
* Reports tailored for your business

A2 Security’s GPS technology can help identify inefcient or dangerous driving behaviour including speeding, excessive acceleration or deceleration or engine idling, all of which increase the daily operating costs of commercial vehicles.

Meaningful reports for you
Standard customer reports and internet access to live data can help eet supervisors to encourage or apply cost effective driving behaviour.

Service Customer Needs
With accurate vehicle location data, A2 Security clients can improve customer service by allocating the nearest vehicle to service customer needs